Friday, July 16, 2010


As I entered the room a little before 7 pm, I could hear the piano loud and clear playing some great music. I took my seat at the table and was there about 5 or 10 minutes enjoying the sound coming from the opposite side of the room when I decided to look up and noticed it was not a piano, but rather a keyboard that was being played. A few minutes later, I looked over again and for the first time that the person playing the piano was a young, and I mean young guy. We found out later that he was only 18 and only had graduated from high school a month ago.

This guy, could play almost anything, The Beatles, Billy Joel, you name it, he could play almost anything and without sheet music - it was quite impressive. It was hard to miss an older guy sitting at a table by himself enjoying the music, I thought it was his dad, but ended up being his uncle. Although I am not sure if his uncle was there to help carrying the stuff in and out or if he was there just to enjoy the music, you could tell he was enjoying himself and it brought great pride to me knowing that I want to do those same things and support my children with what they decide to do when they are older.

It was a great escape for me indeed to meet up with a bunch of guys for our monthly ritual to go out and "relax" after our meeting. This month, the meeting was cancelled, but we all agreed we needed to still have our "meeting". I really have not had much of a connection with others since the middle of last year when all of this started to go into a downward spiral. It is nice to get out with the guys and talk about things that really when you look at it are important at the time, but with a little help from a friend solutions seem to be found.

It is usually toward the end of the night, but someone usually asks how everything is going, which generally leads into other questions about what is going on, or how the process works, or even about the supplies that occupy my entry way closet. Those small simple conversations are usually my release to help me feel better about everything that is going on. There is something about explaining it to others that helps me realize, that "hey, this isn't so bad and can certainly be worse!!"

Thanks for the conversation and company guys and a big thanks for helping me find an outlet to get it all out!!