Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Get busy living or get busy dying" - One of my favorite quotes from the movie Shawshank Redemption.

I received a prayer quilt this afternoon from my church. I was quite honored to get it and to see all of the people who sent well wishes and prayers for me. I knew a bunch of names, but there were far more names that I did not recognize. I have always felt that prayers are very powerful, and to have almost complete strangers wishing me well, I was very overwhelmed.

It amazes me how one day you have one feeling or emotion and two weeks later you could feel totally different - after all I was terminated from my job via e-mail almost 2 weeks ago. Now here I am getting a wonderful quilt and signed booklet from people who are sending me prayers and well wishes. I also have had some people reach out to me to see how I have been doing and helping to put me in contact with other people to help me find a new career path.

I have always wondered about the "WWJD" campaign and how it started or what would Jesus actually do in some situations, but to be honest I like "WWYD" better meaning "What Would You Do?". I used to work with a guy, I always thought he was a little goofy, but he really had some good points so I will leave you with this as he would often say "To be honest I think your real character is if you were in a room and all the lights were turned off and no one would know it was you who- however you would act at that point in that situation is your real character." So I ask you, how would you act in a dark room where people did not know it was you in the room?