Friday, March 1, 2013

A quick update

Morgan and I had our first post-op check-up yesterday. In normal Doctor office fashion, if you're not the first one seen, you have a wait. I've grown patient with doctors when they are running behind - after all I prefer my doctor gives the proper attention to his/her patients rather than rush through things and something gets missed. The wait wasn't long only about 10 min. and Dr. Rajab came in with a big smile on his face. This was the first time I was meeting him, but Torre exchanged hello's like they've been long time friends. He even took time to chat with Tuck and ask if he was going to be a doctor some day. All things being what they are, Dr. Rajab is very satisfied with they way things are going. He was telling me the person who received the other kidney had to endure more dialysis and that his transplant was just now starting to work 5 weeks later. Since I have been through this before and understand the levels and functions when I see my bloodwork results I get a little cautious - but have resigned to the attitude if they are happy with where things are - then so am I! The best news actually was not that I got my staples out and actually did not even come when I saw him, it came later in the day when I checked the result of my bloodwork and saw my creatinine was the lowest since 2009 at 2.35. So I think we are definitely on our way :-D

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